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DC College Students

DC Area Colleges/Universities
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This journal was created for all of the college/university students in the Washington DC Metro area. Post your questions here, find out the best places to order in, the best clubs, greatest places to study and the best things to do while procrastinating. From the high schooler interested in college in the District to the 80 year old alumni-all are welcome!

A few simple guidelines:
1. No spamming, flaming or overt rudeness
2. PLEASE put pictures behind an lj-cut tag
3. Please do not advertise weekly events. We love hearing about things to do in DC but once is enough!
4. You must allow comments on your posts to the community. Any posts with comments turned off will be deleted.

Members unable to follow these guidelines will be removed from the community.

I have a personal aversion to having deleted journals listed in the community members section, so I do periodically go through and remove those journals from the community. If you end up reactivating your journal, please feel free to re-join dc_colleges!

Email me at cisneroj@gwu.edu if you have any suggestions or comments.